What is the Melior program

Melior, from the Latin word meliorare, is a program of voluntary commitment charters towards nutritional progress for the agri-food industry businesses. Inspired by a similar model that was implemented in France in 2006, it is the first initiative of its kind in North America.

The nutritional quality of food is an important aspect of Canada’s public health. Consumers are getting more concerned about what they eat and pay more attention to the information on food products.

From their part, the food industry stakeholders recognize the necessity to improve their food offering, therefore, contributing to a healthier food environment. The Melior program proposes that they actively commit towards this goal.


By putting more food with higher nutritional value on the market and making it more accessible to the general population.

This new approach stands out from other programs available in Canada because it can be tailored to accommodate each company’s unique circumstances, while taking specific major health concerns into account.


TM: Melior is a trademark of Council for Food Progress Initiatives