What is the Melior program

From the Latin word “meliorare”, Melior is a program aiming to improve Canadians health through their plate.

The Melior program encourages businesses to actively commit to improving their product offering. It offers personalized accompaniment to businesses wishing to positively influence public health through their actions, in a context where the food supply is often pointed at for some health problems and obesity.

The Melior program offers access to a rigorous and independent expertise to assist the businesses in their process of significantly improving Canadians plate content and, therefore, better meet your needs.

What does a commitment charter entail?

A commitment charter comprises two fields of intervention:

  1. Nutritional composition of products and menus;
  2. Access to products and menus with higher nutritional value.

An independent and rigorous assessment process

After a company submits a charter online, it gets forwarded to the CFPI validation committee, which consists of independent nutrition, food science, economic and food marketing specialists. Once it has reviewed the application, the committee produces a decision notice and may request additional information.


TM: Melior is a trademark of Council for Food Progress Initiatives